Gnigler designed these new small fins to match the new generation of his Freestyle

Wave boards. Generally the fins are thin and therefore ideal for use in higher

winds and/or waves. They are slightly thicker at the base and become thinner

towards the tip. At the base the rake angle is still quite steep which enables

the board to deliver good performance in flat water. Along the whole leading

edge the rake increases steadily, resulting in a nicely bent fin with a soft

tip. When sailing the fin is very versatile, extremely maneuverable and controllable.

The smaller the fin, the more suitable it is for waves.

These new fins complement the general characteristics of the and especially

the JP Freestyle Wave boards - especially their superb 'wave-ability' qualities.

Fin sizes Sail sizes Board volumes
21 cm / 8.3" 5.4m 95L
23cm / 9.0" 5.8m 105 l
25 cm / 9.8" 4.2-6.0m 115 l
27 cm / 10.6" 4.5-6.4m 85 - 125 l


new foils have been developed in conjunction with the new JP Freestyle boards.

The fins support the allround character of the boards. They are short to enable

maneuverability. The profile is quite long even towards the tip which means

that the fins have enough area and power form the tip to push the boards through

the planing barrier - even for a rider with passive style. The rake angle

is quite steep and slightly but constantly bends more and more towards the

'wide' tip. The trailing edge is bend similar. This gives good twist from

the tip down towards the base, so the fins are controllable in a wide range

of conditions.

The fin's most impressive quality is its allround character. The Freestyles

have a balanced and neutral feel and performance in all situations. They deliver

great power in lighter winds. And they are versatile.

Fin sizes Sail sizes Board volumes
28 cm 4.7-6.5m 85-115L
29cm 5.0-7.0m 90-120L
30 cm 5.4-7.4m 95-125L


is a totally new fin design for experienced and expert windsurfers - and its

hot! It is extremely short with a lot of area, a long profile length and a

small rounded tip.

The Freestyle Pro fins are designed for maximum versatility and extreme freestyling.

The short design ensures that virtually all radical tricks are now possible.

They give every board a looser ride, ready to respond immediately to the sailor's

pressure. Put pressure on the fin and you can make the board slide, making

intentional spin-outs possible.

In tail first maneuvers like the Willy Skipper the short fins will barely

reach down to the water and therefore have no tendency to track.

The long profile and the big area create enough lift for good performance.

With constant sail pressure and upright stance - wave board style - the Freestyle

Pro's will perform well when going upwind. The short design also means less

resistance and therefore higher speeds when reaching.

Fin sizes Sail sizes Board volumes
20.5 cm 5.5m 95L
21.5 cm 5.0-6.0m 85-105L
22.5 cm 5.4-6.7m 95-115L


The right rake angle is the key to this design. Seaweed, plastic bags

or other rubbish simply slip past.

The rake angle also ensures smooth entry into turns.

The area of the fin is quite big and it therefore offers enough lift for general

sailing fun.

The Seaweed Wave 23 is ideal for smaller boards and sails and the Seaweed

Freeride 33 has been designed for use with bigger volume boards with larger


Fin sizes Sail sizes Board volumes
23 cm up to approx 6.2m up to 110L
33 cm above approx 6.2m above 110L

Seaweed Wave