Volume production means cheaper Skroats and Splashes from SB Design. The new

improved Skroatbag2 wet sail transport bags are now only £12.95. Most

of the Skroat range have been renamed Splashbags - how sad is that!

New Big Wet Splashbags can be ordered now for April delivery at just £10.95,

Boom bags at £12.95, Kite bags starting at £12.95 (custom made),

Sporty Splashbags at only £6.95 and mini Skroats at just £4.95.

All are great at keeping muck and water in, or for keeping things dry in boats.

A little girl went to school proudly clutching her sporty Skroatbag containing

her swimming kit. Unfortunately, someone told her what a scrotum was. She came

home upset, told her dad where he could stick his Skroatbag, and threw it at

him. He promised her a new Splashbag and all was forgiven. I like a happy ending!