Nautix, the windsurfing equipment European leader, is launching some new super-sized

masts for the Formula Windsurfing Racing Fraternity to use on their massive

10m+ sails.

Mast PRO 5.60m - IMCS 38 - 3 parts, pre preg carbon, 2.6kg

Mast PRO 5.60m - IMCS 36 - 3 parts, pre preg carbon 2.5kg

This two exclusive new products join the existing Nautix range of "big

sails" equipment for formula windsurfing:

Mast PRO 5.20 - IMCS 34, pre preg carbon, 2.2 kg

Mast PRO 5.20 - IMCS 32, pre preg carbon, 2.1 kg

Race prepreg carbon boom 2.24-2.70m

Race prepreg carbon boom 2.14-2.60m

Pro clam out haul system.

Double pulley block for sail out hauling (pulley diameter: 21.5mm).


Because of its higher performance in strength, reflex and durability, pre-preg

carbon technology has been chosen by all the major aeronautic and space industry

companies (Airbus and Boeing wings are made out of this technology)

Carbon sheet we receive are already impregnated with an optimum and constant

carbon resin ratio. When assembled sheets by sheets within the mould, the pre-preg

material for our masts booms and extensions are moulded under 8 bar pressure

(ordinary carbon technologies: 2 bars). This high pressure will force away any

remaining air bubble. Carbon structure is therefore tremendously dense and compact

which makes the finished product stronger more responsive and more durable (water

penetration causing lose of stiffness, increased weight and delamination)

Then carbon products are heated at a temperature of 150°C (ordinary carbon

technology an average of 90°C). This high temperature improves chemical

connections within carbon structure which is more compact and resistant.


ZI des 5 Chemins




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