Tushingham FreeRide 75% 520

Already this summer the UK has seen its fair share of light winds: windsurfers have been frustrated by wasted journeys and boards have remained strapped to roofracks for entire weekends. More frustrating still is to be in this predicament and then see the "light wind brigade" having great fun charging around fully planing in barely a force three.

More and more windsurfers are discovering that with modern "superplaner" boards with more than 150 litres of volume and efficient rigs 9.5m+, it's definitely NOT just those flying kites who can have fun when it's blowing less than a force four. To cater for recreational windsurfers looking to "go big" on the sail front Tushingham already offer a fantastic mast range - the Freerace 100% 490 & 520cm masts (in addition to the 430 and 460 for smaller sails). These high performance masts are comparable to "full-on" race masts from other brands.

Not every windsurfer is able to pay over £300 for a mast though and for this reason Tushingham have launched a large addition to the very popular 75% carbon range of FreeWave and FreeRide masts. The new 520 FreeRide 75% opens up the world of big sails and planing in lighter winds to the recreational sailor and at just £259.00 represents extremely good value.

Mast spec: Length 520cm IMCS 33 Weight 2.45kg Price £259.00 Availability: from 1st July 2004.