Dallas, Texas - September 4th, 2001: Dynawing launches a range of double

surfaced, soft wing sails for the windsurf market. These radical soft wing sails,

based on Powerfoil aerofoil blade technology, point higher, produce more power

and produce less heeling than any other windsurf product on the market today.

The Dynawing product line-up starts with a 4.5m (48square foot) sail designed

for the beginner board rider and used in windsurf schools to reduce the number

of sails required per student. This sail is very easy to uphaul, planes early

and sails directly into the wind, so the learner never has to be rescued when

the wind is blowing offshore.

The 6m, 7m and 8m wings are designed for the more advanced riders who can handle

this size of rig. Recreational riders enjoy the Dynawings as they can ghost

along on the plane long after the others have fallen off as the puffs die away.

Dynawings are a great deal smoother to use than a traditional sail as the torquing

force is greatly reduced. This same reduced heeling force generated by the wing

when compared to a traditional sail, means it is not so tiring to ride all day

long. Dynawings greatly enhance the ability to point the board higher going

upwind, so it is a lot easier to go where you want to go.

The 9m, custom produced sail, is a big rig and designed for the strong, out-and-out

performance enthusiast. Experienced riders love the Dynawing's increase in performance

over traditional sails and the ability to use a smaller fin to greatly improve

top end board speed. The Dallas based Dynawing partnership is the pioneer in

the field of commercializing double surfaced, soft wing sails and welcomes you

to the wing age!

Peter Bell - Dynawing, Inc.

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