Ezzy Sails in association with Seasprite Sports announces the release of the Freeride 4. The Ezzy Freeride 4 has the power and stability of a cambered sail, without using cams.

The Freeride 4 contains no monofilm and utilises the world's most advanced materials. Light-weight Technora fibre is used along the leech to reduce stretch and improve performance. The luff and window panels utilise their bullet-proof Spectra X-film, which provides extra tear strength in these high-stress areas. Ezzy's new Tri-Lite scrim is used in the central panels to save weight and smooth out the gusts, making the sail even more stable and controllable.

The Freeride 4's huge wind range means you don't need as many sails in your quiver. And it fits both standard and small diameter masts, so there's no need to buy a new mast. Every Freeride is rigged in the Ezzy factory, where they tune the battens and do a thorough check of their work. Ezzy Sails takes their customers as seriously as they do their sails. Email them at info@ezzy.com and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.

For more information go to www.ezzy.com or check out www.seaspritesports.com for a list of Ezzy dealers.