Resort Guide: Babaomby, Madagascar, Madagascar

How to get there


You need to fly to Antananarivo/Madagascar or St Denis/La Réunion. There are

plenty of flights from France with Air Madagascar and Air France. Then it’s a local flight of about an hour to Diego Suarez. Approximate cost is 1000 euros.



How the wind works


The wind is a powerful trade wind, blowing from 20 knots to 35 knots from the beginning of April until the end of November and almost 100% consistency of more than 20 knots from June to October!

Water State


Babaomby/Mer d’Emeraude

This is a reef break between two islands producing fun size waves good for jumping and riding in the side shore winds. It’s a bit like sailing at Sprecks/Camp One if you’ve been to Maui or ‘south coast’ sailor heaven if you’re from the UK! The best time for waves is July to October where you can get 2 to 3 meters of swell. On the inside of the lagoon, when the wind is strong it is choppy, but you can find glassy water close to the shore.

Best wind direction: South East

Tide: Yes 

What’s on the bottom: Sand and reef.

Suitability/levels: Beginner to Advanced

Wipeout factor: There is a rescue boat so if you get in trouble, mainly through kit breakage, someone will come and collect you.



Les Cocotiers

This is a free ride spot which is quite choppy.

Best wind direction: South East

Tide: Yes 

What’s on the bottom: Sand 

Suitability/levels: Beginner/Intermediate or Freestyle legends! 

Wipeout factor: Again there is rescue cover.