Resort Guide: Babaomby, Madagascar, Madagascar

Instruction and kit hire


A new windsurfing club opens for business 1st April 2008 stocking JP boards (Real World Wave, Freestyle Wave and X-Cite boards) with Neil Pryde Sails (Combats,

Excess and Experience beginners' sails). The rates go from 40 euros for half a day, 50 euros for one day and 235 euros for a week. 

Contact Nicolas at for more information, or go to




Babaomby Lodge:

Close to the Babaomby Windsurf Centre in front of the Emeraude Sea. You get there by boat.

Les Cocotiers Hotel:

Close to Les Cocotiers Windsurf Centre, in the Baie des Français and 20 minutes by car from Diego Suarez.

L’allamanda: This hotel is in Diego Suarez, 20 minutes from the Les Cocotiers centre.




There are good restaurants within these hotels and lots of others good and cheap restaurants in the area. For supermarkets, chemists and general shops go to Diego Suarez which is an old French city with 100 000 persons and is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Madagascar.




The clubs in Diego Suarez are very hot!! The cost of a beer is 1 euro / 2500 ariary. It is a safe place at night.


Bored of windsurfing?


Go walking in the mountains. Montagne d'Ambre is 1000 metres high and the hotels provide excursions there.

Discover Diego Suarez. The city has one of the most developed shipyards in the Indian Ocean; the Secren, situated in Antsiranana. It is also famous for its outdoor market.

Very Short Conclusion


Going to this place is a bit more of an adventure than your usual windsurfing destination. It is consistently windy with fun wave conditions, not too intimidating and plenty of flat water if you want it.


The Tourist was..


Name: Nicolas Martin

Local beach: La Baule (French west coast)

How many years sailing: 25yrs

Last windsurf move you cracked: Aerial 

What you’re working on now: Back Loop