Resort Guide: Boracay, Phillipines, Philippines

Instruction and kit hire


Reef Riders Boracay is an authorised Starboard and Severne Test Centre. They are very friendly and provide instruction from complete beginner to advanced.




Reef Retreat Resort, Boracay - is owned by English couple Matt and Clair. These two make your holiday in paradise even more of a dream.

The best accommodation for windsurfer and non-windsurfers, hands down. It is perfectly situated for windsurfers as the accommodation and the windsurf centre are right next to each other.




There’s a wide array of food to be found on the other side of the island at White Beach, which is either a 10 minute stroll or a 2 minute trike ride. Food ranges from Local Filipino to European to Sushi. Food is incredibly good value almost everywhere. If you are on a tight budget, check out some of the local Filipino restaurants or the restaurants which are just outside White Beach.

There are supermarkets and fruit and vegetable stalls, if you prefer to make your own but it’s probably easier and cheaper to just eat out!

Check out Steak House if you want a really great steak, for a great price too! If you can’t live without a Sunday Roast then be sure to visit Cowboy Cocina.




On White Beach you can party pretty much any night of the week at the bars on the beach.

The local drink is Tanduay Rum and San Miguel is widely available. A beer costs between 30 and 150 Pesos (50p - £2.50 - Sept 2011) depending on where you are drinking.

The bars in Boracay stay open until the last person leaves! Being a friendly place, it feels very safe making your lonely (or not) walk home.

Bored of windsurfing?


There are tonnes of other things to do, from scuba diving to golf to go karting.

There are several dive sites situated around Boracay ranging from perfect first time dives to advanced dives.

A boat trip around the island is another great option - head over to White Beach to

find the operators. If you are feeling a little more adventurous then why not visit one of the neighbouring islands where you can see beautiful waterfalls and scenery and get your adrenaline rush with either cliff jumps or white water rafting. For a day trip like this, expect to pay 4000Php (£70 - Sept 2011)

You can also just set about finding your own piece of paradise on one of the many idyllic beaches Boracay!

If the wind is too light for windsurfing then there is always kitesurfing. Reef Retreat is perfectly situated as they have both the windsurfing and kitesurfing centres on their doorstep. Visit Ocean Republic to join the dark side.


Local knowledge/ top tips


  • Be prepared to haggle with prices.
  • The ATMs run out of cash in the evenings and on the weekends, get there early!




Boracay offers you the opportunity for great windsurfing in one of the worlds most beautiful places whilst also being able to offer a great variety of other activities. Combine this with the cheap prices once you are there and the unbelievably friendly nature of the locals and this quickly rates as one of the top winter destinations out there, especially December to February meaning this is one of the few spots in the world to be offering wind at this time of year.


Name: Chris Yates

Local beach: Hill Head

How many years sailing: 7

Last windsurf move you cracked: Flaka

What you’re working on now: E-Slider/Puneta