Resort Guide: Cape Town, South Africa, South Africa

further north




Langebaan is a idyllic green water Lagoon that is perfect for blasting and freestyle. It is about an hour north from Table View. There are also plenty of restaurants overlooking the beach, allowing the luxury of a beer and pizza after sailing.

Beach faces: West
Best wind direction: SE, if it is not windy at the Cape Town beaches, then Langebaan may well get some wind due to thermal and funneling effects. It often gets windy a few days before the South Easter kicks in at Cape Town. 
Worst wind direction: Anything not SE or NW.
Tide: Langebaan gets really good wind against tide conditions when on the tide is on the way in. This is the best time to sail. 
What’s on the bottom?: Sand.
Any hazards: None really.
Other water users: Some kitesurfers.
Suitability/levels: Langebaan is a flat water lagoon and because of this is excellent for ambitious windsurfers of every level.
Wipeout factor: None really.




When it is absolutely nuking in Cape Town (3m + weather), then this is the place to be. The waves will be a good size and clean.

Beach faces: SW
Best wind direction: SE
Worst wind direction: All others.
Tide: Any state of tide is good because it is a shallow, shelving beach.
What’s on the bottom?: Sand.
Any hazards: None other than the wave which can be quite chunky.
Other water users: None. 
Suitability/levels: Advanced intermediate to expert.
Wipeout factor: If there are big waves, then definitely expect some good wipeouts.


Elandsbaii (E Lands)

You need big swell, 4 metres plus on Wind Guru, for this place to work. 25knot thermal winds arrive at about four in the afternoon so you do the 3 hour drive from Cape Town in the morning. The wave is a big, chunky point break. If it is not too big there is a bit of a shoulder. On a massive day you can ride the point break all the way from the beach and link up with the beach break where you line up for big aerials or close out, mast crunching man beaters! To get there you launch from the campsite or the carpark in front of the beach break, and then sail upwind. More than 20 people, and E lands becomes too crowded. Try mid-week.


Beach faces: West
Best wind direction: If the wind forecast says SW or SE just go and it will get windy.
Worst wind direction: All others.
Tide: Incoming tide will bring the swell
What’s on the bottom?: Sand on the beach break, reef on the point break.

Any hazards: The beach break, down from the point break is very dumpy and very chunky. 
Other water users: Elands is a world famous surfing spot. Surfers guard the point more fiercely than men in big hats guard Buckingham palace. Expect to be shouted at. 
Suitability/levels: It is recommended not to go unless you know what you are doing in waves, in particular rights of way and rules of the road. It is a point break and you cannot have two people on the wave. I repeat, you can not have TWO people on a wave! 
Wipeout factor: As you are riding on the shoulder of a reef break, unless you do something stupid, you cannot really fall off. But if you do fall in then you can get easily washed on to the reef which is not pleasant. There is also plenty of kelp. Ugghh.



BaySports on the road out of Table View (away from the sea) is run by Paul Wagstaff who is the most welcoming windsurf shop owner in the southern hemisphere! If it's your first time in Cape Town just turn up on his doorstep and he will guide you to the best spots and help with car rental/accom etc. You can email him in advance:

His shop stocks Tabou, Starboard, JP boards and NeilPryde, Gaastra sails. It also does kitesurfing kit.

Suntrax in the Bayside shopping centre offers Ezzy Sails, Fanatic boards, loads of accessories as well as a range of surf clothes.

Cape Sports Centre in Langebaan. 
Rent equipment or get lessons for all levels. You can also buy from their Fanatic and Tabou range and sails from Gaastra and Severne.

Sail Repair

BaySports do repairs on site (see above). Also Second Wind Sail & Repair Loft on the way into Cape Town. Cheap, quality work and it will take between 2 – 4 days to repair depending on how busy he is. A rip in one main panel cost R150. A sail that was torn completely in half above the third batten cost R500 to fix.
Phone Paul Lagesse on 082 650 9290.