Resort Guide: Dahab, Egypt, Egypt

How to get there




You can get to Dahab through a couple of tour operators: 

Club Tel. 01920 484121

Sportif Tel.01273 844919

Planet Tel. 0870 749 1959

Prices per week start at about £425 off-peak and go up to about £685 during peak season including flights, transfer and breakfast or half board. Flights to Dahab go from either Gatwick or Manchester to Sharm El Sheikh and take about 5 hours.


Flights only websites

  1. with charter flights from £300
  2. with charter flights starting from £250




The transfer from Sharm El Sheikh takes about one hour. Make sure that when you leave England you have plenty of pound coins as the trolleys at the airport in Egypt cost £2. The local Egyptians will help carry any windsurfing equipment you have to your transfer vehicle, but will expect a tip of a pound or so.


How the wind works


The wind in Dahab is a thermal wind, and because the climate changes very little throughout the year, it is pretty much windy here every day.

The wind usually starts to blow at about 6am in the morning and will last up to at least 2pm. On a good day it can blow right up to sunset. A good indication that it is going to be very windy the next day, is when it starts to get windy just after sunset on the previous night.

The average wind strength in the summer is a force 5-6, but it can sometimes get up to as much as a force 7-8. The windiest months are July and August, but it is windy here all year round. The wind blows from the N/NW and is off shore to the main beach. However, since the bay is horseshoe shaped, getting back to the beach is never a problem, even for beginners.

Go to for weekly wind stats.


Water State


The water state in Dahab is predominately flat. The Lagoon is fairly flat water but can become choppy as the wind builds. On the other side of the sand spit that borders the Lagoon, you will find a very flat-water location called ”Speedy”. Since it is further away from the land it is much less gusty here. There is a floating pontoon out here, where you can take a rest and tie up your boards. There is also a flag on the pontoon that can be raised if you get into any trouble or spot anyone else in trouble. This will notify one of the many rescue boats that will come to your assistance. All of the centres constantly keep a look out for anybody in difficulty.