Resort Guide: El Yaque, Margarita, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of


The wind in Margarita is hailed as providing some of the best conditions that you’ll find over the winter months. I visited at the end of November and enjoyed 4 out of 14 days of planing wind and the remaining days verging on a modest Force 3. I am however reliably informed that the trade winds steadily increase in both force and consistency throughout the winter towards spring.

It was recommended to me that the best time of year to visit would be the end of March where I am told the wind is stronger and the crowds have generally decreased.

As a general rule the wind is lighter in the morning and builds at lunchtime and remains for the afternoon. For this reason the morning suits beginners well with the more proficient taking to the water at lunchtime.

Throughout winter the wind blows mostly at Force 3 -6. Most resident windsurfers have a quiver of a 4.7, 5.3 and 5.7 and your most commonly used sail will probably be the latter depending on your ability and preference.

Water Temperature and Sea

Both the water and air temperatures are particularly warm! The first time you dip into

the sea you would be forgiven for thinking that you had stepped into a luke warm bath. For this reason you will only need a pair of boardies and a rash vest for sun protection and can definitely leave the wetsuit at home!

As the local talent is proof in itself, Margarita is an awesome freestyle venue. The water is flat with small chop and is perfect for all levels, from total beginner, to learning to carve gybe to perfecting those switch stance cana bravas!

One of the most appealing aspects of windsurfing here is that the water is shallow for 400 metres which means should you stay on the inside you will always fall off in waist deep water. This is particularly useful when learning manoeuvres as you can just hop off your board and beach start again! Venturing further towards the outside the water state does get choppier providing some nice jump /trick ramps. Whilst I was there I even saw a couple of the pros doing back loops out the back.

The Beach

The main windsurfing beach is directly in front of Club Margarita and runs for about 500 yards to your right until the fishing jetty at the end. Kitesurfers are prohibited from using this beach until after 5pm which keeps the stress levels down!