Resort Guide: Essaouira, Morrocco, Morocco



Load up the taxi, pile mountains of gear on the top and then fall asleep for two hours shattered from a sleepless night. Waking up on top of the long hillside overlooking Essaouira you will notice that all the trees are bent over one way, the air is cooler than Marrakech and the White City is stained by the sand constantly blowing through it. This is a windy place. Once through the Police traffic stops (Essaouira is very safe place) and upon entering the city, the main roads are lined with people jangling keys at you. Quite an odd thing to do if you really think about it but they are actually renting apartments! The main road takes you along the seafront; this is where the excitement builds. If you arrive when there is swell you will see lines of perfect waves, starting smaller toward the town and peeling towards the wave end of the beach where you are. First you will pass the Fanatic Trailer and then the Mistral Centre; next you will find your hotel. You have arrived!

Essaouira has got to be one the most lively and relaxed places there can be; cosmopolitan but at the same time very African. There is a non alcoholic, vibrant buzz about the place. The vast sandy beach can suit all tastes. On the same day you can learn to windsurf others can score smooth, easy and even epic wave rides that you can push as hard or as little as you like. The food is good and cheap, the wind is reliable, and it is a windsurfer’s paradise. The worst thing? The water…well it could be a little warmer.

how to get there


The driving option is detailed in the Moulay Bouzerktoun report. It is a very, very long way.




To fly, I really can recommend Ryanair. They are cheap: off season is about £50 all in, whereas peak is about £150. You have to book on kit; this works out at £15 a bag. If you are going wavesailing then you can get away with just one board, a boom, mast and two sails in a bag and you will be fine every afternoon.

Ryanair fly from Luton to Marrakech. The flights are early in the morning.

Easyjet fly from Gatwick and have similar if not a bit more expensive deals. The allowance for kit is about £30 a bag.


book a taxi


If you fly, then make sure you book a taxi from Essaouria itself. The taxis are about 70 euros each way with kit.