Resort Guide: Jericoacoara, (Jeri) Brazil, Brazil

Two years ago Tanya and Louise reported on a small fishing village in Brazil which had the potential to become an amazing winter windsurfing destination. Guess what? It did!

The rise of Jeri has been phenoemal but has it spolit the once peaceful village and quiet waters? We asked Chris Woottonwho visited Jeri in September to report back. 

Chris: If you want time on the water, then Jeri is the place to go! It's still got warm water, it's still got wind EVERY DAY from June to December and variety of conditions for beginners to pros. I has not yet been ruined by commercialisation or mass tourism. It’s still fairly isolated and this may put people off, particularly the big holiday companies so I don't think it's going to change that much.

You’ve got to fly! The destination airport isFortaleza, and it cost Chris £680 return in Sept 08 with TAP air compared to £650 paid two years ago.

Don't also forget the Fortaleza to Jericoacoara Bus & a 4WD vehicle; £7 each way.

Or try London to Sao Paulo/Rio and then a Brazilian internal flight to Fortaleza.

Transfer to Jericoacoara is 4hours in a 4WD, the last 45minutes off-road through the sand. If you book your holiday through Sportif, ( they will sort out the transfer.

A local company called Koala also runs transfers, or email Tel: 55 88 621 6666

The good thing about Jeri is that once you are there you don’t need to hire a car, so you save costs that way compared to somewhere like the Canaries or Cape Town.

Taking your own kit

Board volume should be between 75-90L depending on your weight. A ‘pocket wave’ board would suit better than a traditional down-the-line shape. Sail sizes between 5m to a 3.5m for the autumn and maybe chuck in a 5.4m if going in early summer.

Excess Baggage
This entirely depends on who you are travelling with. Make sure you check it out and if needs be, book it on before you fly.

Chris: With TAP air, they work on a piece baggage system, rather than weight. You are allowed two pieces of baggage with a max weight of 32kg each, but they can only be a max length of 158cm. TAP run a sporting goods allowance, which is 100 euros for a surf board, or 160 euros for windsurf kit. I got round this by having a double board bag with 2 boards, and masts in, and then putting booms and sails into a quiver bag and strapping it up so it was about 158cm long. I told them that the board bag was a surf board, and the quiver bag was small enough to go as one of the bags in the free allowance. So all the windsurf kit only cost me 100 euros each way! This price was only because I had insurance. They do a discount if you have it, but make sure you have the certificate on you as they need a copy.