Resort Guide: Matanzas Region, Chile, Chile




If there's a few of you and you need fresh bread every day, pre-order at the shop the day before because otherwise they will sell out!

Very few Chileans in the Matanzas area speak English, so take a Spanish phrase book if you can't already speak it.

The nearest cash point is an hour and a half away so take plenty of money out at the airport before you leave.


Beware of the sea lions. They are harmless but can take you by surprise if you're not expecting to see them pop up here and there.

You have to remember that until very recently the local Chileans rarely saw foreign windsurfers. They are super friendly, and it is very unlikely that you will end up fighting for a wave. But if, on the off-chance you do, we realized that they have their own rules for right of way on a wave. It seems that whoever is on the wave first is irrelevant to them; what is more important is who is further up wind. It is up to you as to whether you want to explain the correct rules to them, but we decided to just let them have their waves as it seemed the appropriate thing to do.


Name: Tanya Saleh

Local beach: Hayling Island, UK

How many years sailing: 9

Last windsurf move you cracked: Aerial

What you’re working on now: Too many too mention!

Competition results if applicable: UK Student National Champion 2004-2007


Name: Chris Hughes

Local beach: Derby Canal (!)

How many years sailing: 3

Last windsurf move you cracked: Forward loop out of the straps

What you’re working on now: A clew first, switch stance, one handed up haul.