Resort Guide: Minorca, Spain, Spain

Fact File

Situated in the small village of Ses Salinas in Fornells Bay, Minorca Sailing Holidays is a great place to dramatically improve your windsurfing skills especially for beginners & intermedaites. The combination of Spanish culture, a hot climate and an idyllic setting is the perfect recipe for a great windsurfing break.


If you are into racing, this must be one of the few windsurfing resorts that has a full fleet of the latest Formula and Free Formula kit. For anyone into dinghies, it also has quite a few of those as well. Whilst the Island of Minorca itself has got plenty of more challenging beaches to sail, Minorca Sailing is really aimed at the improver and beginner. It has also geared itself for the 'family' holiday with full creche facilities and specific instruction for Juniors and Youths. 

How to get there

Minorca Sailing Holiday offer package deals inclusive of flights. Driving is a possiblity, with a ferry from Barcelona to Mahon in Minorca.

Transfer From Airport:

You will be met by a Minorca Sailing Holiday representative at Mahon airport.

How the wind works

There are three types of wind that you may experience in Minorca.


These are the famous Mistral winds that the south coast of France experiences. Often they can be balistically windy and they happen at the beginning and the end of the season (April to October).

Thermal Winds.

During the warmer months, the Fornells Bay often starts still, with the wind swinging and rising to a Force 3 - 4. Perfect for big sail cruising or light wind freestyle. But late July and August are generally pretty light.

Gradient Winds.

As in any place, Minorca will often experience a good old low pressure system. Great when it happens!

General conditions

Fornells Bay, where all the instruction takes place, is very sheltered from any swell. The water varies from generally flat to windblown chop. Occasionally you might venture towards the mouth of the bay, where you will find some rolling swell.

The Beach

Ses Salinas Beach

A sandy beach with a sheltered launch: the learning Hot Spot!

Beach Faces: East.
Best Wind Direction: Northerly.
Tide: Mediterranean so not much movement. 
Water Temperature: Very warm in the summer months. 
What's on the bottom: Sand and weed. The launch area and gradient of the beach is very shallow.
Other water users: Sailors from the centre, rescue boats and the odd yacht. 
Suitablity/levels: Complete beginner to Formula sailing. 
Wipeout Factor: Very low. 

Beach Access

All the accomodation is situated around the launching spot in Ses Salinas. Most of the kit is kept on the beach and with so many instructors at hand you don't even need to get it out let alone rig it!