Resort Guide: Prasonisi, Greece, Greece

From May to October, in Prasonisi, you can learn to uphaul, learn to carve gybe and learn to vulcan. From beginner to winner, this place rocks! Very flat water on one side, onshore waves on the other, very chilled, nice accommodation, good food but most importantly...WIND!

how to get there


If you are taking your own kit, Excel Airways has the best deal on excess baggage. You pre book and pay £40 per windsurfer. Even if your “windsurfer” is spread across 3 bags its still £40. BUT your bags will be weighed at Gatwick and if they are just half a kilo over 32kgs you will be asked to repack. (Try and weigh your kit beforehand or throw in a spare board bag)

Their flight costs are fairly reasonable as well. Around £150 depending on time of year Tel : 08709 98 98 98

Monarch Airways also go to Rhodes and charge £60 per windsurfer. Tel.0870 458 2861


Don’t be daft!

package deals

The Boardseeker Team travelled with Sportif who send over 300 clients a year to Prasonisi. We were very impressed with their service. Contact them on 01273 844919. Email

Prices start from £429 staying at Lighthouse I, half board including flight and transfer and using the Pro Center Christof Kirschner.

Staying at the Oasis hotel and using the Fanatic Centre costs from £439.