Resort Guide: Punta Abreojos, Baja, United States


The local fishermen from years ago named Punta Abreojos for a reason. Translated in English Punta Abreojos means the Point of Open Eyes. When the fishermen came back from sea after fishing all they could see where what looked like open eyes in the ocean. What they were looking at was perfect wave barrels that go on for miles and the wind sprays off the top of the wave making it look like an eye and it's eyelashes – cool!!
This ‘break’ is some where you go just with your friends to have a good time. It is very remote and the breaks are never crowded.

How to get there

I drove to Punta Abreojos from San Diego, California. (This break is furthur south then Punta San Carlos, home of Solo Sports.) It took one whole day to drive starting at 0430 through to 2030. It’s a 14 – 16 hour drive and you can do it in one whole day or two half days. I would recommend making it at least a weekend trip and sightseeing a bit more on the way down. It costs about $130 - $150 in gas to get you there and back. Just make sure you have all your equipment with you and extra gear in case of breakage.

The Mexico Highway 1 will take you down to Punta Abreojos. You just head down the Baja penisula past Turtle Bay and then look for signs to Punta Abreojos. Just follow the signs and when you hit bumpy dirt roads you’re going the right way.

How the wind works

The direction of wind is south and is a starboard tack. In the summer time (June-August) it is the windiest. Most of the days were 20-25 knots when I was there in August. The wind starts to pick up mid-day and becomes stronger throughout the day. It’s always calm in the morning therefore ideal for surfing.

Water state


The waves are swell driven and the ‘break’ picks up both north and south swells. Late summer and early winter is best for waves (August-November). The average sizes of the waves are 5-10 feet front side. You definitely want to bring a wetsuit as the water is a bit chilly. I used a 3/2 shorty wetsuit. It’s a great break and you can go out to the point and ride or go on the beach break. There are a ton of spots that you can drive to for more wave riding if you have a 4X4. All along the coast are break after break of perfect waves!

Individual Beach/lake report

Beach faces: South.
Best wind direction: North winds.
Tide: High tide is best.
What's on the bottom: Sand.
Any hazards: Rocks on the point and sting rays in the water.
Other water users: Very few if any at all.
Suitability levels: Intermediate to advance.
Wipe-out-factor: If you break your gear and can’t get back in after the point than it becomes very dangerous as the winds turn off shore which makes it difficult to come back in. There are fishing boats for rescue if needed. It depends on where you lose your kit because if you’re sailing close to the point the gear can either go into the rocks or out to sea. If you lose it in the beach break there is no problem as it will just end up downwind.