Resort Guide: Rodrigues, Mauritius, Mauritius

How to get there


From the UK you can fly direct from London to Mauritius using Air Mauritius (MK) and onwards on Air Mauritius to Rodrigues which takes approximately 40 minutes. If you book through Sportif then they always use Air Mauritius because they have a favourable deal for excess baggage if you choose to take your own kit. However, you can also fly with British Airways, Air France, Air Seychelles or Emirates.

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How the Wind Works


The South-east trades blow straight from Western Australia with the strongest winds being from June to October. The wind is lighter in the mornings and picks up in the afternoons. When the trade wind ‘system’ is working the average wind strength is a Force 6.


Beach Report


Water State: The lagoon provides very flat water and there is over 200 square kilometres to go at!

Best Wind Direction: South-east

Tide: At low water springs shallows do appear in some areas but other than that it is sailable at all states of the tide.

What's on the bottom: Sand

Any hazards: Only the shallow areas on big tides.

Other water users: Kitesurfers

Suitability/ levels: Beginners to anyone who needs some very flat water!

Wipeout Factor: In some areas you can walk back to shore in the waist deep shallow waters. If you do get taken downwind, there is permanent rescue cover at the Osmosis Windsurf Centre.


Jimmy's Pass


This is a world famous surf break that has been windsurfed and kitesurfed but it’s not something that can be done very often. Best to speak to Jerome at the Osmosis Centre when you arrive. But remember, you’ve come here for the crystal clear, flat lagoon.getting a wave sail in would be an added bonus. You’d have to know what you’re doing on the shallow, sharp reef and I doubt Osmosis would lend you any of their kit!