Resort Guide: Safaga, Egypt, Egypt

How to get there


Fly into Hurghada or Mars Alam. The transfer from Hurghada takes about one

hour, from Mars Alam about two hours. Taxis are available for this transfer if it’s not part of your package. You can also fly from Cairo on Egypt Air which operates five flights a day between Cairo and Hurghada. 

Airlines that fly to Hurghada:

Most windsurfers go on a package holiday to Safaga. Try or phone them on+44 (0) 1273 844914


How the Wind Works


The Safaga wind is basically a thermal wind which increases in strength with the temperature different between Cairo and Luxor. This is most prominent in the summertime. Therefore the most regular winds are from March to the end of November with wind speeds between a Force 4 to 7. The best month in this period is September. In December & January the wind is a bit more inconsistent, but still up to a Force 4 for 40% to 50% of the time. February brings very strong winds from the desert but they are mainly cross offshore. During the season Safaga has two wind directions; in the morning it’s cross offshore but from lunch time onwards it goes side shore, all from the LEFT.

Local wind forecast:

Water state


Safaga doesn’t have pure flat water – it’s always a bit choppy, but it can actually get quite good waves. It all depends on the strength of the wind but in a good blow you can get waves up to 1.5 metres at some parts of the bay. In normal wind conditions the waves are perfect for freestyle and chop hops.


Beach Report


Best wind direction: North/ North-west

Worst wind direction: South/South-east

Tide: Not noticeable

Any hazards?: No. It’s simply a big, sandy bay - a very safe place to sail.

Other water users: A few swimmers & snorkellers.

Suitability/levels: From zero to hero!

Wipeout factor: Very safe place, if you do break anything you will always end up back on the beach, just further down wind! There is also permanent rescue cover.


Tobia Island: The Island is a little known sand bank located in the middle of Safaga Bay surrounded by coral reefs. The windsurf centres runs excursions to the island and you can windsurf the 3.5km across to it.