Resort Guide: Tiree, Scotland, United Kingdom


Beach faces: West.

Best wind direction: South or South-east.

Worst wind direction: West.

Tide: Waves drop off with the falling tide when it’s not that big.

What’s on the bottom?: Sand.

Any hazards: Rocks to the right of the bay looking out to sea and small clump of rocks in the middle of the beach which is sometimes hard to see at mid-low tide.

Suitability/levels: The clean, powerful waves are testing for the best windsurfers and have broken many a mast over the years.


Beach faces: North-west.

Best wind direction: South-west.

Worst wind direction: North-west.

Tide: Almost unsailable at high tide due to swirling rips in the bay, but it is fine at mid to low tide.

What’s on the bottom?: Sand plus a great big rock in the middle of the bay.

Any hazards: That rock and to the left of that looking out to sea it's quite rocky.

Suitability/levels: West gives cross onshore jumping. South-west gives waves, bigger and punchy to the left of the bay looking out to sea. The wind can be really fickle on the inside, combine that with big swell and you can get a proper rinsing!

The Green

Beach faces: North.

Best wind direction: West, but you can also get onshore conditions if there is no ground swell. This can sometimes be the only place with any waves.

Worst wind direction: South.

Tide: Works fine at all states.

What’s on the bottom?: Sand.

Any hazards: Some rocky outcrops at either end of the beach and beware of the farmer and his livestock!

Suitability/levels: Most people will manage on most days.



Beach faces: North.

Best wind direction: Not really a wave beach, but any onshore winds can provide some bump and jump conditions when there is no groundswell elsewhere on the island.

Worst wind direction: Easterly.

Tide: Works in any state.

What’s on the bottom?: Sand and small boulders in some areas.

Any hazards: None.

Suitability/levels: Any.