Resort Guide: Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago


For lunch there are a couple of places out of the wind around the point on the tourist beach. The food is mostly geared to westerners with fast-food type joints. There is one near the pier, which as well as selling pizza, fish and chips etc, sells a well recommended Roti’s, either the chicken or potato. Pannini’s and some pre-made salads were also available.

Most evenings we strolled up to the village, which has a variety of restaurants, and a couple of takeaway type places.

Pelican Reef: Good, particularly the seafood, and had a nice ambience, but was probably one of the more expensive restaurants (£40 for two with drinks) and the portions maybe a little small after a good days windsurfing. Nice cocktails though!

Dillon’s Seafood Restaurant: Again good food, reasonable portions, and one of our preferred restaurants. About £35 for two with drinks.

Mumtaz Continental Restaurant: Don’t be fooled by the name, if you are missing your local curry house, this is the one for you. But be warned, even a mild curry is hot. About £25 for two with drinks.

Chefs BBQ: Situated on the corner of crossroads by a Pizza Boys take out, this was very popular with the locals. You select how much you want to go into your container, and it’s cheap. There is a seating area just outside with tables and chairs. About £6 to £8 for two.

Golden Star: They have a steel band playing at the restaurant on Wednesday and Saturday evenings (see video clip).

There is a small supermarket in the town where you can get snacks but trying to ‘eat in’ is nigh impossible.


There are a few nightclubs and bars around, but you will need to catch a taxi. Popular nightspots were Sunday School and the Cat & Fiddle. Although most locals are very friendly and are not threatening, it may be advisable not to go out alone.

Beer is about TT$10.00 (£1) per bottle, and cocktails TT$25.00 (£2.50).

Bored of Windsurfing

There are plenty of other things to do apart from windsurfing, such as diving (this seemed a major activity), snorkelling, cycling, water skiing, jet bikes, rides in flat bottom glass boats out to the reefs, tours of the rain forest.

World of Watersports either run or can arrange many of these activities, just speak to Rick or Kim.