Resort Guide: Vassiliki, Greece, Greece



Vassiliki has gained near-mythical status amongst windsurfers. But this place is for real! It truly is an extraordinary windsurfing destination with a unique wind phenomenon that offers a range of conditions to suit all levels. And that’s not all! For the active there’s no let up, with superb mountain biking, wakeboarding, waterskiing diving and snorkelling, just a few of the ‘light wind alternatives’ on offer. For sheer atmosphere it’s hard to beat Vassiliki; the party scene is legendary but just chilling in the harbour tavernas is cool too. Lefkas itself is a hidden gem amongst the Greek islands; its unspoilt charm and breathtaking views are even worth dragging yourself off the beach for!


It’s no surprise windsurfers flock to Vassiliki and there are many ways to do this. ‘Destination Windsurfers’ will find great options for specially designed windsurfing holidays, where all requirements are catered for. ‘DIY’ windsurfers will also find a range of options for accommodation and kit hire.

How to get there


Vassiliki is situated at the Southern tip of Lefkas. The island is attached to the West coast of mainland Greece by a bridge.

Flights are to Prevesa on the mainland. There are tour operators offering “package’ holidays to the resort:

Club Vass 01920 484121

Neilson 0870 333356

Happy Surf

Ocean Elements


Alternatively there are many web sites offering flight only.

Try Expect to pay upwards of £125.

The package holidays start at around £400 for a week in May and rise to around £700 mid season. Look for the special deals early and late season for the cheapest holidays. These prices include flights, transfers and accommodation.

I know there is nothing like “sailing your own kit” but the windsurf centres have brand new kit every year surely cutting out the need to lug yours all the way to Greece.

Flying with equipment is fairly straight forward and charter flights will normally charge £30 per bag. Some Taxis at Prevesa do have roof racks but it can be pricey to get to Vass, sometime upwards of €90! Always agree the price before you get in.