Resort Guide: Wellington, New Zealand

Bored of Windsurfing?


There is always something to do when windsurfing doesn’t hit the spot. Firstly the FREE outdoor activities like biking, hiking, swimming, visiting lakes and ponds, driving up the coast to surf on the Westside (Raglan) or Eastside (Gisborne) or the Wairarapa (a 90 minute drive from Wellington). Then there is kayaking, river rafting, bungee jumping - the list is endless! This is what I loved about New Zealand, how everyone is really active and into the outdoors.

You can be deep in nature and then be in the city in 20 minutes. In the city there is a bunch of shopping, cafes, theatres and the museum of New Zealand; Te Papa. A total must see!


Standard of Locals


The Wellington Freewave Series (three events) is held every year with an expression session format and attracts the top riders from around Wellington and also the

rest of the North Island.

Wellington is home to the current national wave champion(James Court) and previous champ (Clayton Dougan) and many other top level riders. On a good day out at Plimmerton or Lyall Bay almost everyone on the water is throwing forward loops and the like.



Great spots and lots of wind! It got even better when I travelled up the coast to Taranaki (more on that in another Boardseeker travel feature). New Zealand is an amazing place to visit due to the quality time on the water and the endless off-water activities.


The Tourists Were..

Name: Tatiana Howard
Local beach: Ho’okipa
How many years sailing: 6yrs
Last windsurf move you cracked: Hitting the lip!
What you’re working on now: Back loops
Competition results: 5th place Aloha Classic 2006

Name: Tim Bamford
Local beach: Eastbourne
How many years sailing: 5yrs
Last windsurf move you cracked: One- handed forwards
What you’re working on now: Back loops
Competition results: 2nd Wellington Freewave Round 1 2007!