Resort Guide: Western Australia, Australia




A mellow laid back town that you will find hard to leave. Lano’ works on the same weather patterns as Perth so it doesn’t get as much wind as Geraldton. There is good rental and accomadation here. Also the pie shops are amazing. The main pub, the Tavern, is a good place to hang out and is also the Ocean Classic, a festival style competition.


South Passage

Downwind from main break, is a point break that can be really good. It is more cross shore than main break. Be careful not to go upwind too far as there are a few scary ledges. There is a good lip to hit, the wave then reforms as it travels over the reef.


Hole in the Wall


Mainly a cross on jumping spot, between main break and south passage.


Main Break

600 metre flat water stretch perfect for freestyle, learning and blasting until you hit the main reef. It is a point break. It is not really that good until there is a lot of swell, when it can be really good. You can get some amazing jumping at Main break, because the run up is so long. On a good day it will link up across the channel to the "Hole in the Wall", when it does this it is amazing. If you get worked here it is not too bad because it breaks into quite deep water. Lancelin can be stupidly crowded, as loads of windsurfers of different experience venture onto the main break.


Wedge Island


4x4 track that takes about an hour and a half, really sandy beach, there is a sort of beach hut town there. Sand gets blown everywhere. There is excellent surfing there. Really good jumping and really good riding. It is a beach break but there is not much of a shore dump. It gets more swell than the reef breaks at Lancelin.




Perth could well be where you start your journey, and there is some really good sailing to be had too. Perth City itself is also a very cool place to hang out.



Cross on, loads of rip and horrendous shore break, really punchy wave, but pretty fun once you get used to it. There are two carparks to launch from, pick your run up well, its often a bit light on the inside so you will want a floatier onshore style board to make more use of it. Its not that great for jumping, and riding requires a good technique. A lot of local sailors will sail here after working hours, they are all pretty friendly. The wind normally gets up there quite late, and gets the breeze much later than anywhere up North. Still as you will be flying into Perth, it's not a bad starting point.




Breaks a bit further out than Scarborough, but similar. The Cott is famous for its party nights.


Swan River


The morning before a seabreeze and quite early you get a hot Easterly wind that comes off the desert. It is really good for freestyle and blasting about. Pelicon Point windsurfing and kitesurfing centre are also based here. When it "trough's out" you can sail here in the morning.

Southwest & South


Margaret River

Possibly the most famous break in WA. Margies is a place not to be underestimated, yet is has a gentle side to it. It is a big gnarly peeling wave that breaks on a cavernous reef, aptly named the Surgeons Table. Yet it has a big mellow rolling shoulder where, you can get too if the bowl gets too much. Every now and then though, a monster set will come in, and you will see air bubbles forced out from the surgeons table into the wave. There is a system here to get waves, the sailors rotate in a circle, out the back and take it in turns to get waves. If there are more than 12 out it gets too crowded. Getting in and out requires you to go out through a key hole (previously made by blowing up the reef with dynamite), steer down wind on a gusty run, head right, then down wind again. Tricky, but you get the hang of it.



The beaches at Esperence are some of the most amazing you will ever see. The water is fresh (that is cold), and the sand is really white. Esperence also gets frontal weather systems, unlike a lot of the west coast. So don’t be too surprised if you get the evil tack “starboard” as Aussies call it. There are a couple of well posted campsites that you will find yourself at. If there are a groupl of you, then it might be cheaper to hire out a chalet for your stay.


9 Mile/Observatories

Did we mention that Margaret’s was heavy, well on a big day the wave at Esperence is heavier. It is a big, hollow, powerful beach break that takes no prisoners. If your kit is a bit old, slightly worn then forget it. It will not last the day. We saw so much older kit wrecked here. The wave is amazing, but unpredictable. It can wall up and break anywhere, you really have to have your wits around you. When you get punished, you get it big time. You hit the bottom, get brought up and go down again, then you have to somehow swim in to your kit. Getting out there are no channels, you have to pick your moment well and charge out at full speed like a crazed maniac. When smaller it is not so extreme, but you still will find yourself going over quite a harmless looking bit of white water, only to find it spins the board from beneath you and you are back at the beach again, feeling fairly defeated.



Fourths is the onshore beach, nearer the town. A bit more popular than 9 mile because it is not so hectic. But if you drive all the way to Esperence, then get yer ass down to 9 mile.