The Fourth and final South East T15 event was held at Whitstable Yacht Club on Saturday the 7th of August.

At nine o┬╣clock the sun was shining and the wind was non-existent, but the forecast was saying that it was going to pick up to about a force 2-3. Whitstable had the largest team, with 13 racers. Every other team had about two!

The course was a simple box course, with the 5.5s and the 6.5s having to do an outer loop as well. After the first race it was decided that the 3.3s and 4.5s course needed to be changed, they now had to sail out to one buoy and then back across the finish line.

The racing was very close, with the racers able to get to the upwind buoys best, generally winning the races.

By the afternoon the wind had picked up and it was back out onto the water for another race. The tide had now come in, so that it was now too deep to stand up anywhere on the course. The course was again changed and we now had to run down the beach to our kit, beach start, sail out to a buoy and then sail back, finishing the race by running up the beach to where we started. The day was finished off with a long free sailing session and then the prize giving. Clyde Waite had arranged a load of posters, key rings and stickers to accompany the regular trophies and certificates. The team prize for the day went to the home team the Whitstable Wild Ones.