The FE Worlds 2005 will take place 1st-6th of August 2005. Venue is one of the most eautiful and well known windsurfing spots of the world; The Gorge (on the Columbia River) situated on the border between the states of Washington and Oregon. This not only guarantees excellent wind conditions for the competitors but will also give plenty of opportunity for parents and other "followers" to have a nice holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of the USA. The organising team will make sure that they will provide affordable accommodation and transport from the nearest airport (Portland). Those wanting some extra training have an excellent opportunity as well. The US Nationals (including FE) will take place at the same venue the week before. The Bic Techno Formula, as used by the winner of the 2004 World Championships in Oostende will be the ideal board for this location. More information will be published soon.