The waiting continues whilst competitors and public enjoy another beautiful Hungarian summer day.

Early morning mist shrouded the shores of Lake Balaton this morning leaving an eerie feeling of anticipation among the waiting competitors. As the early morning sun started to burn through the fog, it was clear that it would be another scorcher and as the postponement flag went up at 10 o’clock the waiting began in earnest.

Yet again the wind teased and even managed to tempt a few sailors out for some 5 knot recreation, but by mid afternoon the breeze had relented once more to just an occasional breath.

Once more, the Nestea Dome became an oasis of refreshment in the form of ice cold Nestea to keep temperature below boiling in the spectacular weather.

By 4 o’clock, the wind had dropped still further so competition was cancelled for the day.

The PWA will sample Hungarian hospitality Budapest style this evening, ahead of what is expected to be the start of competition in the promised winds on Saturday afternoon.