Here's some news from the annual "Soul Wave" contest in Klitmoeller, where all the best German, Danish and other nationalities battle it out. Yesterday on the first contest day, we got off with a spectacular start as ex- hurricane "Frances" had moved in with extremely strong winds. With gust of 10 Beaufort, it was clear that only one sail had to be rigged, the smallest you had! In some of the most challenging conditions I have ever competed in, I was stoked to reach the 4 man finale. Where after a good heat I got 2nd place behind German Andy Wolf, which got the victory in a tight 2-1 judge decision.

Here's are the results after the first day:

1. Andy Wolf Graastra/RRD 2. Lars Petersen Neil Pryde/JP 3. Robert Sand Simmer/Fanatic 4. Stefan Gobich Naish/Naish

Today the competitor field will be even further "reinforced" by Spanish sailor arriving including, maybe the worlds best jumper Jonas Cabellos. With a great forecast for the coming days there is for sure more action coming up here in Klitmoeller.

Lars Petersen