Bristol Nomads Windsurfing club is 20 years-old

This small but perfectly formed windsurfing club is celebrating 20 yrs of unbroken windsurfing activity. The club which draws its membership from in and around the (much) Greater Bristol area started in 1984 as a long board / single lake based / race focussed group. Has evolved into a super friendly Nomadic club of all ages and abilities that together sail and drink in a broad range of locations in and around the South West and South Wales, as well as the odd foreign trip to sunnier and hopefully windier climes.

As well as a full annual programme of events and functions the club also hosts one of the best windsurfing website around. Filled with incredible amounts of information, and links for just about anything in the windsurfing arena. It even boasts a location finder section, which delivers essential windsurfing information regarding most of the best sailing spots in the South West's / South Wales areas. Check it out before you sail; Select a beach that works for any given wind direction, determine Local Conditions / arrangements, Tides, Parking, Pubs, Chippy's etc etc. Even add to the information if you know somewhere / something we don't.

If you fancy joining the club, it's based around the Greater Bristol area, and contains the most friendly bunch of windsurfers around. Serves all levels, with a full programme of events - all for a paltry £12 a year - Contact details are on the Website - or ring Brian Derrick (chairman) on 01934 641434

(Picture shows Club members and kit on holiday in Brandon Bay Ireland 2003)