Current wave ranking leader Scott Mc Kercher launches in the Sylt shorebreak. Pic:PWA/Carter

The Sylt PWA 2004 Labello Grand Slam Day 3

With not a breath of wind today at the beach here in Westerland, Sylt, the sailors are waiting to complete the wave single elimination and to start race 2.

As it stands Scott McKercher (Starboard) is still leading the Wave rankings. We only made it as far as the third round in the wave discipline yesterday so there is still everything to play for when the wind returns. There are at least 4 potential champions of the wave discipline this year. Vidar Jensen (North) is next in line after McKercher and he will be hungry to take a title after coming so close after the last couple of years. An experienced Sylt competitor Vidar is sure to go for it in a big way if the wind returns.

Nik Baker (Mistral/North) is also right up there with a chance of a wave world title and after taking out Josh Angulo yesterday he proved he has what it takes to go all the way to the top. It all depends on how the sailors ahead of him (in the rankings) figure in this event.

The wave title race is wide open, anything could happen.

In the Racing Steve Allen (Fanatic/Neil Pryde) is fighting it out for the lead in the world PWA rankings with Frenchmen Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde), who won the first race here in on Day 1. We are almost certain to get more wind for racing so the results are far from certain. The racing fleet is very equally matched as far as skill goes it will just come down to the conditions on the day, as each sailor has his own preferred wind strength. Tactics also play a huge part in the racing and with big rolling swells and shifty winds Sylt is a testing place for the Formula fleet. A cool head and good tactics are a major advantage.

The Ladies wave fleet has yet to see any action here in Sylt, but they are all tuned and ready to go as soon as the wind and waves pick up. The Moreno's (Mistral/North), Jaggi (F2/Arrows), Alonso (Fanatic), Reichman (Naish/Naish), Wahl (Mistral/North), Vogt, Hausberg (F2/Arrows), Orozco (JP/Neil Pryde), etc are thirsty for some competition and we can be assured of a radical display of female wave action as soon as the conditions allow.

For now the sailors are waiting, taking advantage of the hospitality here in Sylt in the many cafes and restaurants or in the sailors lounge and enjoying a drink of Nestea, some competitors went out on the water in the small clean swell this morning for a surf session. Josh Angulo pulled into a couple of shore break barrels and all rounder Ross Williams (Starboard/Gaastra) was showing good form with some slashy cut backs.

The wind forecast looks better for tomorrow so racing could well be back on the cards and the title race will continue...