Dateline Athens August 2004: The Olympic Windsurfing competition was dominated by The Loft harness...

Gal Friedman of Israel won Gold with The Loft harness. Silver medal winner Nicos Kaklamanakis used The Loft as his high-wind harness... of the 36 male competitors at the games 15 were racing equipped with the Olympic Racing Harness from The Loft.

In the womens fleet 9 of the top 20 of the competitors raced for gold with The Loft Competition harness.

Monty continues to work with Curro Manchon in Olympic harness development. Curro is the 04 Spanish Mistral Champion and finishes in the top 10 in European Mistral championships.

There is only one choice if you are going for gold... The Loft Olympic Competition harness.

Gal Friedman (ISR 18), Curro Manchon (ESP-9) and and Ponds (POL 126) at the Mistral World Championships September 2003, Cadiz, Spain. Results: Ponds 1st overall, Kaklamanakis 2nd, Friedman 3rd (all equipped with The Loft Olympic harness). Gal Friedman (ISR 18) and Curro Manchon (ESP-9) at the 2004 Mistral European Championship, Sopot Poland, June 2004. Blanca Manchon (ESP-1) at the Mistral World Championships in Turkey April 04. Blanca represented Spain at the Athens Olympics, finishing 8th.