Left to Right: Neil Dennett of Windsurfers World with Graham, Adam and George

Team AirBorn takes off!

Team AirBorn is a new training team formed by a group of hot youth windsurfers from Somerset who have recently started competing in UKWA wave and freestyle events.

The team, comprising Adam Lewis (16), Graham Woods and George Shillito (both 15), windsurfs at a variety of West Country locations, including Weston-super-Mare, Burnham-on-Sea, Axbridge and Daymer. All three of them came up through the RYA's Team 15 initiative at Durleigh or Axbridge, and having competed in the racing scene, have branched out into the wave and freestyle disciplines. Inspiration from the pros at the Christchurch Freestyle camp in August, which Graham and George attended, encouraged them to form the team.

By working together, they improve their skills faster, get added motivation, pool their resources and have a greater presence at events. They live and breathe windsurfing and are natural promoters of the sport: apart from competing and having a laugh, the team also wants to inspire other people of their age to get into windsurfing.

Wiindsurfers World, Bristol's dedicated windsurfing retailer has come forward to sponsor the team and will be supporting the guys in their quest for glory. Neil Dennett, the shop's owner, said "Team AirBorn's age group are the future of windsurfing and it's vital for us to support and encourage them, to get more kids interested in the sport".

After an excellent showing at Bigbury, where Graham and Adam came first and second in the junior division, their next stop was the National Freestyle Championships at the Poole Windfest, where Graham and George came third and fourth - and enjoyed a great Animal party.

The team's next showing will be at White Air at the end of October; expected to be a great event with some awesome autumn conditions.

Contact Bob Shillito 01934 713366 bob@shillito.co.uk

Team details:

Graham Woods, K498 - Age 15 - Lives in Bridgwater - First Junior, Bigbury UKWA September 2004 - Third Junior, National Freestyle Championships, Poole September 2004 - 2002 National Champion Aloha 4.5m racing - RYA Zone Squad member 2002 and 2003

Adam Lewis, K516 - Age 16 - Lives in Taunton - Second Junior, Bigbury UKWA September 2004 - 2002 2nd National Aloha 5.5m racing - RYA Zone Squad member 2002 and 2003

George Shillito, K630 - Age 5 - Lives in Axbridge - SW Region Team 15 winner, 6.6m racing, 2004 - Winner, first ever Team 15 freestyle competition, 2004 - Fourth Junior, National Freestyle Championships, Poole September 2004 - Assistant Instructor qualification