pic by Gemma Sawyer of Ultra Sport

Loco Local!

Worthing locals got more than they bargained for on Sept 20th when Josh Stone, Robby Swift and Guy Cribb showed up at the local beach in side shore wave sailing conditions with 4.5m weather- just like Ho'okipa, only full of seaweed, colder, smaller waves, hell shorebreak, groins, seagulls and rain.

Most of the locals chose to watch the spectacular action from the shore as how often do you get the chance to see Josh Stone in a wetsuit? Conditions were exceptional for Worthing and all three JP Neil Pryde sailors loved it, with Josh sharing Swifty's kit.

The shorebreak took some getting used to and gave everyone a good pounding, with Josh covered in seaweed on a number of occasions and Swifty well and truly hammered once. But they were landing huge back loops, one handed forwards, push loops, loads of mad freestyle tricks right by the beach and Swifty was nailing some unreal Ninja kicks.

Quote of the day by Josh: "This cold water restricts my breathing!"