Try one of the most exciting new boards before the Olympians!

For a period of time, which may seem all rather too long - the Olympic hierarchy have been debating whether to change the class for the Olympic board. It is currently the Mistral One Design, but last month ISAF organised a thorough testing session in the UK to review the final designs for the selection process.

THE STARBOARD Z - CLASS board was one of the recommended models in the test fleet. Z - Class boards are early planing hulls very close to Formula designs. They have a longer waterline length, large centreboard and mast track. These features make for brilliant tactical non-planing, lightwind sailing. Once the wind comes up the track moves back, the centreboard retracts, the bow lifts out, providing a full-on Formula experience.

All the manufacturers are hoping that thousands of sailing and yacht clubs around the world will find this class so interesting, that it will facilitate a more popular style of windsurfing racing.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY ONE? Windtek in Weymouth ( the proposed site for Olympic yachting, if we win the bid!) have got hold of the 2005 Z- Class board from Starboard. If you fancy a spin around the harbour to witness a performance board excel in both non-planning and planning conditions - give Windtek a call on:01305 787900, or email the importers at: