Brighton beach - before the council started messing around with it...

We've just heard that the proposed byelaws (unchanged) are to be put before the committee again on 21 Oct.

The proposals effectively limit access to the water by windsurfers, kitesurfers, and other watersports craft. The bright idea is to restrict windsurfers to six ridiculous 'access channels', requiring them to sail far offshore from the beach (200 metres +), where they will be invisible to lifeguards should they capsize - and risking their ability to return through those channels should they drift downwind. Wind direction may make it impossible to use these channels, and two of the channels are dangerously close to the piers. All channels bar one are shared with jetskiers and other motorised craft. Navigating these channels - and then staying offshore - would require expert ability. Where are beginners/intemediates supposed to learn these sports? Goes against ROSPA recommendations and basic laws of sanity.

So, please re-register your objections by going to the Nomadix website (link below). It is very important that as many objections are registered ASAP so we can put an end to this madness.


Dave Meakins