Ocean Motion Windsurfing Club - "Frozen Motion"

As Autumn becomes Winter, Ocean Motion Windsurfing Club becomes Frozen Motion. Rather than scheduled events with locations determined some months ahead, a more flexible arrangement is used whereby the weekend's location is chosen according to wind direction, wind strength, temperature and the personal preferences of those members wishing to sail. Indeed, often there will be club members sailing at more than one location during winter months.

Frozen Motion utilises the Club's email groups, email forums and telephone clubline to ensure rapid communication to all those interested in winter sailing.

The advantages of sailing in the company of people you know are even more obvious in winter than during the warmer months.

In addition, OMWC runs fortnightly cycle rides during the winter season. So if you're not quite ready for Frozen Motion why not just come along for the (cycle) ride?

For more information log on to www.omwc.org.uk or call James Legg on 020 84411685.