Dan Ellis has been crowned the 2004 Slalom Challenge UK Champion.

After competing at 5 superb windsurfing locations around Britain Dan was finally confirmed as the UK Champion at the huge WhiteAir contest this weekend. After signing with new sponsors Fanatic and North at the beginning of the season Dan has been the man to beat, combining blistering speed with the control necessary to get around the course. With solid competition from the likes of Aaron Williams, Dave McGuiness and last years winner Xav Ferlet, Dan had to bring it all out the bag to take the fastest title in racing.

Dan said" Winning the SCUK title is wicked, slalom has always been the most extreme form of racing and I'm stoked to add this to my other UK racing titles"

The 2004 SCUK tour was a massive boost for UK competition attracting new windsurfers to racing and even bringing a few out of retirement. In total over 90 sailors took to the water ready to step it up, some challenging for the top while others were just looking to beat their mates or make their first final. The simple format of Slalom and the ease of sailing modern equipment at speed makes it the most fun way of racing. However at the front of the Top Flight its balls to the walls, take no prisoners time and with the British title at stake why would it be any other way. Dan is looking forward to 2005 where once again the UKWA Slalom Championships will be fiercely contested and he will be working with his sponsors Fanatic Sola North 604 and Boardseeker.com to bring home the crown once again.