White Air produced some awesome conditions for the juniors who showed up for the whole week - and plenty of scope for breaking things. The week started with the UKSA/White Air training camp, followed by several days free sailing and wrapping up with the UKWA freewave comp at the end of the week. A core group of juniors hung in there all week despite gale force conditions that even resulted in the ferries being cancelled on one day. Seven days of conditions ranging from benign to extreme provided a super-fast way to improve skills. Pushed by their mates, they ventured out in conditions that would normally have had them sitting indoors figuring out moves on DVD.

Leading from the front was 'senior junior' Richard Potter, well known for his racing skills but evidently a hard core wave sailor as well. Landing a jump flat on the face of the next wave resulted in double damage: simultaneously broken board and ankle! He then had to endure both the ankle and the pain of watching others in the thriving junior windsurfing scene out ripping for the rest of the week. The tormentors included Joe, Josh, Olly and Team AirBorn riders Graham, Adam and George, seen here with Richard.