Aloha Classic Wave Championships - Day 4 November 12, 2004 Maui, Hawaii, USA

Paia, HI -- Today was the fourth and final day of the 19th Aloha Classic at Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui. With the waves hitting 10 foot, competitors and spectators were waiting for the forecasted wind to kick in, but unfortunately that didn't happen. Therefore after consultation with the Head Judge Doug Hunt, Event Director Marc Lefebvre called event to a close. Five out of seven Divisions were completed with a result with the exception of Men's Open and Grand Masters. The awards ceremony was held at Ho'okipa Beach Park and was a true showing of Aloha Spirit with a crowd a spectators and sailors filling the beach area and the sloping hills.

The Julie de Werd Aloha Spirit Trophy and $500 grant went to Graham Ezzy because he best displayed the feeling of Aloha Spirit in how he carried himself on the beach, on the water. His sportsmanship was commendable. Also, honored for their help and great support to the event were Senator Kalani J. English, Keith Baxter and Sean Ordonez.

The trophies for this year were an unbelievable collection of master artworks from world renowned artists, Ray Masters, Piero Resta, Kaleo Padilla, and Kim Taylor Reece, created for the Aloha Classic.


Kids Division: 1. Kai Lenny 2. Connor Baxter 3. Jaeger Stone 4. Jake Golm

Junior Division: 1. Francisco Porcella 2. Nick Warmuth 3. Riley Coon 4. Graham Ezzy

Womens Open: 1. Motoko Sato 2. Angela Cochran 3. Anne-Marie Reichmann 4. Jenny Schneider

Womens Masters: 1. Angela Cochran 2. Jenny Schneider 3. Kelly Moore 4. Francesca Tartaglia

Mens Masters: 1. Anders Bringdal 2. Alex Aguera 3. Luke Hargreaves 4. Yasuhito Ogasawara

Complete results will be found on the website shortly.

Luke Hargreaves (Australia): "Thanks for putting on this great event! When I heard that all the kids were competing as well as us "old" guys, getting out, I though - that's cool! And it was cool. For the first time I was also a judge and watching the kids out there was inspiring. Guys, keep going, you are the future!"

Anders Bringdal (Sweden), winner of the Men's Masters Division: "Actually I was happily retired and sitting on my sofa, but then I was "forced" to do this - just kidding, it was really great! I have seen most of it, sailing as a Pro and all that, and I have to say, this was a great event. It was good to come back and sail Ho'okipa with all these guys, it's always great to sail with your buddies, and they format of this event was right. It is great; you get so many people to compete, giving them a chance to sail with the Pros, people they would normally not sail with."

Alex Aguera (USA): "Thank you Marc and Pietro, the format of the event was great. It was good having all different age groups, shame the Grand Masters couldn't go, I couldn't wait to see those guys compete who haven't done that for 20 years. Well, we will have to wait till next year, and it will be great! It was a really good the way this was run, we were running heats like in the old days, challenging conditions, I really liked it!."

Angela Cochran (USA), winner of the Women's Masters Division: "This was probably the nicest contest I have ever been to. It was nice to share equipment, thanks to everybody who helped me out. It was great to show the kids that you can compete and enjoy having a good time with your competitors!"

Motoko Sato (Japan), winner of the Women's Open: "Many thanks to Ho'okipa and the Aloha Classic Team for this great event. Most important, the kids are ripping - how cool!"

Ann-Marie Reichmann (Holland), third in the Women's Open Division, and currently ranked 5th in the world wave rankings: "This is my 8th year coming back to Maui, the first time I went out here at Ho'okipa; I went straight to the rocks. This place has been challenging me all the time and I love it, it's my favorite spot! Thank you Ho'okipa, thank you everyone for this great event!"

Kalani Hunt, 8 years old, youngest competitor of the event: "Really cool, I got to go out and I enjoy it, now I want to go more and compete again next year!"

Connor Baxter, 10 years old, second in kids division: "It was absolutely great, I really had fun. Next year, I will be back and will beat them all!"

The Aloha Classic is one of the longest-running wave sailing events in the world. Since it's creation in 1984, the Aloha Classic has been the traditional final event of the Pro World tour. The top ranking international competitors are invited to the Aloha Classic along with top Hawaii athletes to compete side by side. The consistent trade winds and seasonally large surf make the Aloha Classic the most popular destination of the windsurfing media, spectators and athletes. The Aloha Classic is the crown-jewel of wave sailing events.

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