Jerome Houyvet and the Windsurf Gallery team will be presenting new runs of the original Windsurf Gallery collection at the Paris Tradeshow, scheduled to open on Dec. 4. I.

In addition, following the incredible demand, you will be able to find new panoramic (20x60cm) formats of the following actions and sceneries:

Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Kaulapapa - Hawaii) Jason Polakow & Alex Aguera (Lava Point - Hawaii) Robby Naish (Jaws - Hawaii) Surfing Lava Point (Hawaii)

We will also be introducing a mind-blowing image of Robby Naish in a giant 30x40cm format! Robby Naish (Kaulapapa - Hawaii)

This entire new collection will be presented exclusively on the Wind Magazine stand during the Paris Tradeshow, Village de la Glisse, December 4-14, 2004.

For those unable to join us during the 10 days of craze and fun, those large format prints will also be available directly on starting this December.

We wish you a great end of season and may the trades blow your mind away !

Jerome Houyvet and the entire Windsurf Gallery team.