John Skye pictured mid-way through a push-loop off the ramp. Pic: Oisin Van Gelderen

Everything is coming together nicely for Thursday's UKWA Indoor finals, and the best of the Brits are really into the swing of things. This year, all the sailors have already had enough time on the pool to guarantee a true competition rather than a display - and success seems less 'physique-critical' than last year to boot.

Trevor Funnell at the UKWA has secured 100 tickets for Thursday's UKWA finals and is keen these go to true windsurfing enthusiasts - so if you haven't booked your seat yet, all is not lost; get along to the UKWA stand at the Boat Show, buy a UKWA 2005 calendar for a fiver and you'll also get a ticket to the UKWA finals (while stocks last!)

Monday 10th saw the freestyle qualifiers confirmed in a slick 1/2 hour session at 2.30pm. 15 sailors completed 4 tricks each (2 port, 2 starboard - 1 on each tack to count) and only the top 10 would progress to Thursday lunchtime's finals. Qualifying in 1st place was an on-form Robby Swift who came down the ramp with his feet already switched for his 3rd trick and nailed a switch-stance no-handed spock to take victory. 2nd qualifier Ben Proffitt (now riding Fanatic / Simmer) was also dropping into the pool switch-stance by his 3rd trick. Andy King, Jamie Hancock. Steve Thorp, Oisin Van Gelderen and Nick Dempsey failed to progress despite landing forwards and spocks which really goes to show how high the standard is Indoors. Confirmed alongside Swift and Proffitt in the Freestyle finals are John Hibbard, Gwilym Williams (IR-63), Mat Pearch, Guy Cribb, John Skye, Phil Horrocks, Nik Baker and Chris Audsley.

Final qualification for Slalom is due to take place today (11th Jan) and the final cut for the Jump finals will be made tomorrow (Wednesday 12th).

Thursday 13th Session Times:

12.45-14.15 UKWA Men's Slalom heats & Freestyle finals

15.00-16.30 UKWA Men's Slalom finals

17.15-18.45 UKWA Ladies Slalom finals & Men's Jump heats

19.30-21.00 UKWA Jump finals

See you there!