The Kenya Cup 2005 Results 3rd - 11th January

The first invitational Pro-kitesurf/windsurf event was held over a 9 day period on Diani Beach, Kenya - East Africa. The event was organised by photographer David Sims and Craig Rodgers from Extreme Safari, the sports and adventure travel specialists. With excellent wind and wave conditions, sailing was possible every day, with the riders ripping it up on the flat-water lagoon or wave riding on the outside reef.

An inaugural 'Race day' was held with both kitesurfers and windsurfers competing against each other in separate disciplines and then racing against each other in a combined heat. A spectacle enjoyed by a crowd of over 200 people on the beach, it was an exciting afternoon's racing.

Results: Kitesurf - Winner: Richard Boudia (Fr) Windsurf - Winner: Terry Luxton. (UK) Combined Race / kitesurf and windsurf : Alaistair Barnes (Kitesurfer, Kenyan)

The Kenyan Cup 2005 was a rider-judged event with each rider having one vote in each different technique discipline. During the competition the public witnessed some hot action with various Kitesurf/windsurf freestyle tricks - Double kite loops, Wakestyle wave riding, Cheese Rolls and Spocks.

After an exhaustive 9 days of riding, the voting night was held at the Sundowner Kenyan restaurant - A messy affair fuelled by local Kenyan Cane liquor, which inspired a twisted version of musical chairs - a new craze introduced to the locals!

The last day was a free expression session with no pressure. At 5pm the results were announced on the beach in front of the packed Aniello's restaurant. Results: Windsurf Freestyle: Winner Terry Luxton Windsurf Waverider: Winner Jan Sleigh Kitesurf Freestyle: Winner Ian Gray Kitesurf Waverider: Winner Kirsty Jones Best Wipe Out: Winner Keenan Perrin

Finalists Terry Luxton, Ian Gray and Kirsty Jones were asked to climb onto 3 camels for the presentation. With all the camels sitting on the beach, Ian Gray's camel was brought to its feet to declare him the winner of the first Kenyan Cup! He was presented with a 3ft high Masai Warrior statue carved by a local Masai Tribesman. Still not finished we went for an explosive finale, floating a burning bamboo platform for a trick session.

Following the surf the riders flew off on their own plane, kindly supplied by SafariLink, for a highly memorable three day safari, staying at Kichwa Tembo in the Masai Mara, where they spotted lions, elephants, pythons, giraffe, cheetahs, hyena, and even hippos at night! The unforgettable trip was finally wrapped up with an action-packed whitewater rafting session down the Tana river.

Many thanks to all who helped out with this event: www.extreme-safari.comVix and Mark! & Craig Rodgers www.h2o-extreme.comBoris Polo David Sims - Race Director and Event Organiser. Nomads Beach Cottages and Daniel at Diving The Crab for all the boats. Sharon and Dipa at Going Places Kenya, SafariLink Aviation, Stanley Mpakany at CC Africa, Mark Savage at Savage Wilderness / Whitewater Safaris and the Nairobi Safari Club hotel.