CLUB MISTRAL AND SKYRIDERS CENTRE Morocco - Wind for 1001 days !!!!

We will open our new Centre on 1st of May 2005 with interesting Opening Special Offers for Boardrental : 1 week 160 Euro and 2 weeks 270 Euro in May.

Our new Club Mistral and Skyriders centre is in the middle of a long curved sandy bay (4 km long), only about 8-10 minutes' walk from the Medina and directly next to the Ocean Vagabond Beach Restaurant & Café - run by Sebastien Deflandre and his wife. It is centrally located on the southern edge of the town of Essaouira and in the immediate vicinity of several hotels on the seafront boulevard. You can launch your board directly in front of the centre. The spot is absolutely ideal for wave novices. The sandy bottom shelves gently, ensuring easy access for wave novices and creating a shallow area near the edge. The wind (northeasterly trade wind) blows sideshore from the right, sometimes veering to slightly offshore at Force 7 or more (north to notheast). We offer the best and newest equipment from Mistral, North and North Kiteboarding for our guests.

The town of Essaouira is upwind from the centre, about 10 minutes on foot. The centre's location protects it from being overexposed to the wind but ensures constant wind and total windsurfing enjoyment. Wave conditions are especially good on the southern side of the bay in spring and autumn (1 -2 m) and from mid-June to August (0.5 to 1 m).

The curved shape of the bay makes it very safe in addition. If you are nevertheless carried off too far, a rescue boat will be there immediately to assist you.

Apart from wind and kitesurfing, we can also offer you wave excursions to other wave spots in the area like Sidi Kaouki and Moulay and our guests can take their rental equipment. Additional we will offer surfing tuition and rental in our centre. Although water temperatures may not be comparable with those in the Caribbean (17-20°C), you will find a wide variety of conditions in Morocco, plenty of space and completely reliable winds (80%).

For more details, contact Sportif International, Fleets, Spatham Lane, Ditchling Sussex, BN6 8XL

PHONE: 01273 844919 FAX: 01273 844914