Nik Baker Signature Fin

Nik Baker’s New Wave Fins are now available to buy in the UK.

Designed and created by Nik Baker and Kai Hopf, the new fin, which is unlike anything else on the market, is built using G10 technology.

G10 is made by laminating layers of fibre glass together and then squashing them under intense pressure whilst the resin cures. The result is a very strong sheet of glass fibre laminate. To make a fin the sheet has then to be sanded down and shaped to the specific design. Until now, the G10 fins available didn’t have enough flexibility in their construction to make them decent wave fins.

Nik and Kai have changed all this, creating the only wave fins you can run up the beach or whack into a rock without too much damage. No more stress marks, no more splits, these fins are rock solid and they won’t ever spin out.

They feel confident that they have designed a fin with all the strength and stiffness characteristics of a G10 fin but with the flexibility and softness that is needed in a wave fin.

Also coming soon, Fish, Super Cross, Freeride and Slalom Fin. All in G10

Contact 604 T: 01202 813413