Pic: Susan M. Davis, Caribbean Design & Marketing Consultants

Bonaire Junior World Freestyle Championships The playground and training ground of the world famous Bonaire Sailing Team will be the site for the premier Junior World Freestyle Championships May 20-22, 2005

Talented youth freestyle sailors are invited to attend this event being held the same week as the Bonaire PWA King of the Caribbean. The best youth sailors from the region and around the world will compete in the most dazzling windsurf discipline, freestyle. In the years to come some of these top talents will be soon on the PWA Tour. Starboard will sponsor this premier event.

“Starboard is proud to support the “Prokids Freestyle Worlds" We have over the last 5 years been involved in developing gear for kids and strive to see windsurfing becoming a favorite sport for kids around the world. We believe that windsurfing can be a vital part in personal development and that especially kids will benefit greatly from what they experience in the world of windsurfing."

With moves bearing zany names like the Flaka and Grubby, Freestyle is one of the hottest water sports for youths across the globe. Freestyle is fun and exciting and also very affordable requiring only one board and a few sails. Windsurf companies recognize the value of the youth as they emerge to spurn the growth in windsurfing. To accommodate their needs companies have created light weight affordable rigs to allow the kids to maximize their skills in the wind. Competitions locally incorporate kid’s clinics and competitions. Kids around the world dazzle the crowds at events doing tricks and maneuvers leaving the spectator dizzy. Bonaireans are no strangers to this exciting sport. It is fitting that Bonaire will host the first Junior World Freestyle Championships. A Caribbean island once known as Divers Paradise has new attention. Bonaire is known in the windsurf world as one of the best places to learn and perform freestyle. Bonaire will play host to this first time event.

Contact Ann Phelan at ann@bonaireworldfreestyle.com or Elvis Martinus at theplace@telbonet.an in Bonaire or Tinho Dornellas at Tinho@calema.com in the US for details. Registration for this event is done at www.bonaireworldfreestyle.com