Fuerteventura Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup 2005 (22.07.-06.08.2005)

World championship in two sports and four disciplines. There will be a new programme for the 2005 Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Cup in Fuerteventura - speed and slalom for windsurfers, freestyle, speed and boarderX for kiteboarders.

Fuerteventura, 19.3.2005 – the organisers of this successful long-running event have decided to give preference to an ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix and an IFCA Slalom World Championship instead of a PWA event.

René Egli – organizer & funding sponsor: “The reason for this decision was the recently announced renovation and therewith the loss of the sponsoring Sol Gorriones hotel. The Gorriones hotel will be reopened at the end of August and is therefore unable to provide rooms during the event. The renovation of the hotel does not affect the operation of the Pro Center René Egli. “

The event will start in parallel with the ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix World Championship races and the IFCA Slalom World Championship. Elite competitors from around the world and amateurs will fight it out for the best times over a 250 m course within spectator friendly distance of the Pro Center René Egli. If the conditions are right for record attempts, the timekeepers can quickly swap to the more southern situated course of 500 metres. A WSSRC commissioner will supervise the course and ratify any world records. The speed event is endowed with a €25,000 prize fund.

In the IFCA Slalom World Championship, also boasting a €25,000 prize fund, the men’s, women’s, junior and masters’ world championships will be decided. The elite field will line up with 64 men, 32 juniors, 16 masters and 16 women. The competitors will compete using standard production equipment.

Following this, the kiteboarders will line up in three disciplines as part of the PKRA World Championship. In 2005, a purse of €10,000 will attract speed kiteboarders. The latest record that had been set up on Fuerteventura’s legendary speedstrip, had been achieved in 2004 by Frenchman Manu Taub. He raced across the 500 metre course at an average speed of 40.58 knots (75.15 km/h).

Parallel with this the Freestyle Grand Prix, with a prize fund of €26,000, with the top PKRA racers fighting for world ranking list points. The kiteboarders are sure to top their already incredible level of performance with new tricks and leaps in 2005.

In the BoarderX competition, with a purse of €5,000, the PKRA riders will provide plenty of action on a slalom course spiked with obstacles and special tests.

An extensive auxiliary and party programme rounds off the event.

The dates for the event are given in detail below:

Fuerteventura Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup 2005 - 22.07.-06.08.2005

· 22.07.2005 Registration: ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Registration: IFCA World Championship Slalom Evening programme: Inauguration party windsurfing

· 23.07.2005 - 30.07.2005 WINDSURFING ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Fuerteventura 2005 WINDSURFING IFCA World Championship Slalom Fuerteventura 2005

· 30.07.2005 Registrationand qualification PKRA Kiteboarding Evening programme: Prize giving party windsurfing. Inauguration party kiteboarding

· 31.07.2005 - 06.08.2005 KITEBOARDING PKRA Freestyle Grand Prix Fuerteventura 2005 KITEBOARDING PKRA BoarderX Grand Prix Fuerteventura 2005 KITEBOARDING PKRA World Speed Challenge Fuerteventura 2005

· 06.08.2005 Evening programme: Prize giving party kiteboarding

Web: www.fuerteventura-worldcup.org