Quatro International joins the PWA Quatro International and the PWA are pleased to announce that Quatro windsurfing boards have joined the PWA for the 2005 season. Quatro’s Marketing manager Lalo Goya says: “2005 has brought a lot of positive energy into Quatro Intl. By early March we came together with Kauli Seadi to work on boards and travel the globe together. Kauli is a major part of today’s windsurfing world tour and therefore decided to join the PWA. We are stoked to see how the PWA is organizing events in all parts of the world bringing the sailors to compete in the most extreme and varied conditions. We are off to a great start with Hawaii pro where Kauli finished in 2nd place in the Jeep Hawaii Pro. Rich Foster PWA Marketing Manager says “All of us at the PWA are very happy to have Quatro on board for the 2005 season. Quatro is a core brand and adds another dimension to the current membership list. Having Kauli Seadi (Naish Sails) and other high profile team riders on the team means that they will surely reap the rewards and benefits that PWA membership brings in 2005." We wish all great year with lots of wind and waves! Current PWA Industry Members: F2, FANATIC, GAASTRA, JP, NEIL PRYDE, MISTRAL, NORTH, NAISH, STARBOARD, TABOU, SEVERNE, MAUISAILS, QUATRO INTERNATIONAL,SEVERNE.