Port St. Louis ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix Hurricane Warning Port St. Louis, France - 08.04.2005 The organisers of the Port St. Louis ISA Speedsurfing Grand Prix just received a hurricane warning for Saturday afternoon. The wind will pick up during the day to 75 knots and more. This means perfect conditions to break one or more national records tomorrow.

The Race committee schedulded the first skippers meeting for 9:00 in the morning to assure enough time to get two complete rounds and perhaps an additional world record attempt in the late evening. The latest weather forecast can be found at http://www.meteo.fr/meteonet/temps/activite/mer/cotes/vent/vent6.htm

The organisation is on hold now to prepare anything for the big day. For Sunday the forecast is also very good to have more racing action on the final day of the competition.