Wind? Who needs it? Local trickster Kiri Thode struts his stuff on the mill pond...

The 2005 Bonaire King of the Caribbean – Day 3

Thursday May 19, 2005

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14:00 Winds are still down, but in Lac Bay’s idyllic surroundings it’s almost impossible to complain. While waiting for the contest to continue, check out the photo gallery for some new action shots from Germany’s Andre Paskowski (G-2, Fanatic/ North), local trickster Kiri Thode (NB-61, Starboard/ Gaastra), UK rider Andy Chambers (K-504, Tabou/ Gaastra), Frenchies Thomas Traversa (F-3, Tabou/ Gaastra), Nicolas Akgazciyan (F-400, AHD/ Neil Pryde) and Dutch boy wonder Kevin Mevissen (H-79, JP/ Neil Pryde).

Beach view Courtesy of pwa/Carter

1200 All is quiet on the Caribbean front, as winds are still too light to allow any competition. High.tvhas got yesterday’s footage online as of now with highlights of the riders making the most of the light conditions. More to come as the day progresses.

0900 It’s day 3 of the 2005 Bonaire King of the Caribbean and Mother Nature still refuses to play ball. Forecasts for today could turn into something suitable for sailing though, so the riders remain ready to get out and finish what they have started. If there is anything we have learned the last couple of days is that Lac Bay winds have a will of their own, so check in for regular updates on the conditions and contestants.

High.tvwill have yesterday’s footage online shortly, so keep an eye out for that as well.